Tuesday expires the term for the loans of the VPO of the CEA and the neighbors augur a "mass exodus"

This Tuesday ends the term of the winners of the 583 subsidized homes promoted in East Seville by the Foundation for the Development of Southern Europe, linked to the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Andalusia (CEA), to formalize the loans acusolv.com/best-life-insurance-companies-evaluation/ to which state aid authorized for the acquisition of these flats is subject. Since the works of the houses are still paralyzed despite the fact that the buildings should have been delivered in 2010, the awardees warn of a “mass exodus” of buyers in the promotion.

Money and loan


And it is that many of the awardees could choose to renounce the flats by not being willing to formalize the loans without the construction works have been resumed, since the delivery of the aid to the acquisition of housing recognized by the Ministry of Development depends precisely on the formalization of the loans in question before the end of Tuesday of the current week. In this sense, it should be remembered that approximately one hundred of the awardees have already taken the necessary actions to renounce the protected housing and claim the anticipated amounts.

This promotion of protected housing is part of the ‘Foundation for the Development of Southern Europe’, participated by the CEA, and each of its awardees had delivered some 17,000 euros in advance as construction began on the buildings back in 2008. However, in 2009 the works were stopped on account of the financial difficulties of the company ‘Dolmen Consulting Inmobiliario’, in charge of the management of the housing promotion. From 2009 until now, the works have danced between the paralysis and short periods of works and, while the management of the promotion was finally entrusted to the company Nazarí, more than 450 of the houses are still not delivered.

In this context, more than one hundred of the awardees have undertaken the necessary procedures to renounce such housing and demand the return of the economic items delivered in advance, an extreme that is not met by the ‘Foundation for the Development of Southern Europe’ or ‘ Millennium Insurance ‘, the insurance company of the items delivered to account by the awardees. The group, in that sense, warns that the sum of the advances delivered is around 9.5 million euros.

HE ‘Bad bank ‘


In financial matters, the loan on which the ‘Foundation for the Development of Southern Europe’ worked to build the houses had been granted by the former Caja Madrid, later integrated into Bankia, a bank marked by a financial hole of thousands of euros. millions of euros whose situation motivated their nationalization at the hands of the State. Then, the Asset Management Company of Banking Restructuring (Sareb), what has been the ‘bad bank’, would have taken over this loan without its viability being resolved or not.

Recently, those affected had sent a letter to the Minister of Development, Ana Pastor, stating that on September 9 were “ratified” the direct state aid allocated for the acquisition of these homes, but this Tuesday, November 19, the deadline ends enabled for the formalization of the loans necessary to obtain such aid. “The works have not even been resumed and there is still no end date,” said the awardees claiming “appropriate measures so that the 583 neighbors of our promotion can continue to opt for aid.”

But in its response letter, collected by Europa Press, the Ministry of Public Works wields the Royal Decree-Law that gives Sareb the status of “collaborating entity in the management of state housing aid, so that the agreed loans with this entity can maintain state aid linked, “also pointing out” the term that was regulated “in the aforementioned decree Law. Given the absence of mention of specific solutions, the collective warns, through a statement, of a” mass exodus ” “of winners because they are not willing to formalize the loans with works still paralyzed and derive such extreme in the loss of state aid.